Free lightweight antivirus program

Why We Need ONLY lightweight antivirus program?

Which anti virus software is the best in protecting our computer and lap top at the same time has the most light weight and consumes less system resources?yeah,this question been asked numerous times! anyway,The other question asks for free. Lightweight and free are not necessarily the same thing.

Good anti virus software that has function like real time scanning and protection ,less power and resources consumption on lap top.Having a nice interface AND ease of us.

When it come to discussion,everyone has difference opinion and experience.If you ask why would we need antivirus software in the fist place?Naturally no one should get unapproved access to your computer since you do have firewall installed on you PC.If you are not connected to internet,you probably doesn't need it. If you are internet user,same thing if you download some installation package from a dodgy web site OR e-mail ,YOU GET INFECTED. 
There are always free antivirus around,as well as paid version. MOST performs better if it is commercial ones. You can get a commercial version with extra features, so we can only guess that it is great. 

Why we a lightweight antiviral software which has active protection.Because,it eats a lot of performance from your computer, and writing/downloading files to the hard drive takes forever since every file has to be scanned, it needs to constantly update its definitions etc you need to have those watch dog running all the time to protect you files and Pc.

Most talk about :Everyone has their own light-weight antivirus program !!

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