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Date added: November 30, 2011
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Rick Perry: You have to be drunk to vote for me!

Everyone is laughing at Rick Perry for his latest gaffe: He told students in New Hampshire that if they were over 21, they should vote for him! They're saying Perry doesn't know that the voting age in the United States is eighteen.

I have news for you ... that's all backwards. It's the drinking age that matters. Perry must know that only drunks and fools will vote for him. It just slipped out in a weak moment.

Cut him some slack, folks! He just mixed up the drinking age with the voting age.

Truth has a Liberal Bias!

Those damned college professors! They're always teaching the facts! And everyone knows that Truth has a liberal bias. Well, these students aren't taking it lying down:
Conservative College Students Launch Website to Battle Liberal Academia
What courage! Real conservatives, standing up to those liberal professors ... but wait ...

Alas, it turns out these students aren't really concerned about conservative politics. They're Christians, and they're angry that the professors don't respect their beliefs, which probably include creationism, suppression of homosexuality, and the subjugation of women. According to Editor-in-Chief Zachary Freeman:
"I think perhaps we (as a nation) have lost our faith and our understanding. The College Conservative works to indirectly promote the biblical truths."
In other words, they want the school to "respect" them by not teaching real biology, botany, physical anthropology, evolution, geology, physics, psychology, and probably even world history. They want watered-down cultural anthropology and sociology, and they probably don't want philosophy at all, unless it's from C.S. Lewis' books.

I have some news for you, Mr. Freeman: the Bible is not a good source of truth!

Is Christianity Dying -- 99 cents again!

Well, folks, I've decided to go back to my original price – 99 cents for 99 blogs. How can you beat that? Check out Is Christianity Dying? on Amazon!

Don't ask why I raised the price in the first place ... just call it a bad idea and leave it at that.

And there's a new glowing review at ... it's one of the best reviews ever.

I have to confess that I'm quite proud of Is Christianity Dying? I wrote a lot of ho-hum blogs, but every now and then I hit the nail on the head on some important topic. This collection lets you skip all the Friday-fishwrap blogs and just read the good ones. For a measley 99 cents you don't even have to dig around in my blog archive. Just buy it, OK?

(And for those of you who don't have a Kindle, the paperback should be available any day now. The paperback publisher screwed something up and didn't get it placed on Amazon yet. I'll let you know when it's available. The price will be around $7.50)


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Is Home Schooling a Form of Child Abuse?

When does freedom of religion turn into child abuse? When do parents' rights to raise a child according to their religious beliefs become a violation of the child's civil rights? When does the state's need to have an educated electorate override religious parents' belief in ignorance?

Atheists love to blog about child abuse when it's in the form of medical neglect that becomes manslaughter and Jesus-inspired whippings that kill children. These are horrible and deserve our condemnation.

But there's a much more insidious, widespread and far-reaching form of abuse going on across America: religion-fueled, anti-science, anti-homosexual, anti-truth home schooling. It's far more important than any one whipping or medical-abuse case, however horrifying, because the ignorance fostered by these home-school programs is the very foundation that allows whippings and faith-based medical neglect to continue.

Home schooling is an old tradition in America. In some cases home schooling is a good alternative to public schools. Kids with unusual talents can benefit from accelerated lessons. Child performers who have to travel can keep up with their public-school peers. Kids with exceptionally well-educated parents with a knack for teaching can get a better education than public schools can provide. And so on.

And while the word "abuse" is a very strong claim, I believe it's appropriate. Abuse in the broadest sense is an action that damages the child physically or emotionally and causes them ongoing suffering. Ultra-conservative Christians are doing exactly that. If they were merely teaching their Christian beliefs as an adjunct to a well-rounded education, I would have no objection. But they are deliberately and knowingly keeping their children ignorant. They are blocking their children's access to biology, chemistry, evolution, political science, American and world history, philosophy and critical thinking skills.

And on top of that, they are fostering paranoia. They're teaching their kids that the world is a giant conspiracy and everyone is out to get them.

The organization that inspired today's blog is the perfect example. Their web site has so much over-the-top rhetoric that it's easy to think it's just a ludicrous joke. But it's not ... they believe this stuff, and they have a lot of followers. They start with a deceptive name: It sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But what they're actually advocating is for parents to "rescue" their children from a modern education.

Their web site's SHOUTED HEADLINES sound like a joke:
"FACT: There are now at least 8 sexual indoctrination laws impacting children ... See these bad laws, then rescue your child."

"Homosexual 'education' in classrooms ... Don't believe it's happening? CLICK TO WATCH."

"There's a BATTLE for your child. Whoever fights harder will win."

"Shocking dads and moms into REALITY ... Watch the IndoctriNation movie trailer."

"Parental rights, decency out the window." is a perfect example of how these ultra-conservative Christians are abusing the home-schooling system and twisting our laws. They claim that parents have an absolute right to teach their children anything they want, regardless of their children's needs and rights. And they carry it out: they teach their religious dogma in place of real facts.

Parents should have enormous latitude in raising their children. The last thing we want is the state peering over our parental shoulders and imposing some idealistic politically inspired child-raising theory on families. But children have rights too. Every child has the right to a basic education that includes accurate history, science and social studies. And the state has a right to demand that children are literate and knowledgeable so that they can be responsible voters.

Parents have an absolute right to teach their children their own religion (or no religion). But they do not have a right to block all other education. Every child has a right to a good education. Ignorant children are economically, socially and politically handicapped for life. In my book, that's abusive.

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Catholics Persecuted over Gay Adoption in Illinois? Not Even Close.

Once again, the Roman Catholic Church is giving out misinformation instead of facing the truth.

Catholic Charities, an Illinois adoption agency, had to close its doors because it lost funding from the state. According to attorney Peter Breen, the state is breaking the plain language of the law and violating the will of the citizens:
"The Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act only passed after specific assurances that the law would not impact the work of religious social service agencies. Specific protections for these agencies were written into the law, but unfortunately, Illinois officials refused to abide by those protections. This stands as a stark lesson to the rest of the nation that legislators promising 'religious protection' in same sex marriage and civil union laws may not be able to deliver on those promises."
Gosh, that sounds awful, doesn't it?

But this is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the real truth. They lost on Constitutional principles that had nothing to do with the Illinois Civil Union Act.

The simple fact is that the Catholic Charities can continue to provide adoption services – if they can raise funds privately. They just can't have the taxpayers' money to do it. As Waymon Hudson at Redeye put it:
"At the heart of the issue is the over $30 million dollars that Catholic Charities receives from the state of Illinois for foster care and adoption services. This effectively moves them from a private faith-based organization, which does have built-in religious exemptions as the name of the civil unions law implies, to an administrator of state-funded public services. The are essentially acting as an agent of the state."
The Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, which they try to claim is being violated, only says that they don't have to perform marriages or adoptions for same-sex couples (or for anyone else they don't like). Nobody is going to force a Catholic priest to stand in his own church and marry two men or two women.

The United States Constitution cuts both ways: it protects our rights to worship or not as we please, but it also says churches can't discriminate using public funds. The Catholic Church has every right to discriminate, however uncaring or cruel it might be. But they can't spend our tax dollars to do it.

So why the smokescreen? Why can't the Catholics just admit that they lost their legal fight fair and square? Because they want to look persecuted. It's the good ol' Underdog Meme – the idea that somehow Catholics and other Christians, who make up roughly 80% of America's population, are a persecuted minority whose rights are being trampled. It's laughable on the face of it. But sadly, people always root for the underdog, so the meme propagates.

Chaplains Want to Bar Atheist/Humanist Chaplains

I should be used to Christian arrogance by now, but every now and then another insensitive, arrogant Christian breaks through my indifference and makes me mad. This time it's Father Jonathan Morris, an Army Chaplain who appeared on Fox News to ridicule the idea of Humanists and Atheists serving as chaplains in the military.
"What is a 'chaplaincy' in the first place, where does it even come from? The word, it comes from the Latin word which means a sanctuary or place of worship. And atheist ... (pauses) ... place of worship? Or a military chaplain, someone who is advising someone in their spirituality? ... [If an atheist] is being paid as a chaplain, then our country is saying, 'We are not willing to stand up for what we believe to be a very good thing for our soldiers, and that is the development of spirituality.' ... It's degrading the military chaplaincy saying 'You know, it doesn't matter whether you believe or not believe'..."
On the face of it, an atheist chaplain does seem a bit odd. But the truth is that chaplains provide a wide array of spiritual, emotional, philosophical, psychological and social services to our men and women in arms. The military is a place where men and women are taken from normal society, taught how to shoot guns and drop bombs, and then sent off to foreign countries to kill and injure other human beings. They're separated from parents, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives and even their own newborn babies. These soldiers, some still teenagers, are ill-equipped to handle the moral, psychological and social traumas that they'll face while serving our country.

The Chaplains in our military are the first and best resource that these young soldiers turn to for help when faced with the awful reality of war. Yet Father Jonathan Morris seems to think that atheist and agnostic soldiers don't deserve the critical services of a chaplain.

It's obvious what's really going on here, and it's too bad Father Morris doesn't just admit it. He wants to use the military to force religion on everyone, and to deny social, psychological, moral and philosophical support to atheists, agnostics and humanists. If a soldier is dying on the battlefield and doesn't believe in the Christian God, too bad ... no comfort from a chaplain. If an atheist soldier's spouse gets tired of waiting and has an extramarital affair, too bad. If an atheist soldier has moral qualms about killing, he can just suffer in silence. If in the heat of battle an atheist soldier kills an innocent civilian, he can just deal with it ... Father Jonathan Morris isn't interested in helping that soldier.

Except that Father Morris probably would welcome the chance to comfort that soldier, because it would give him a chance to push his faith on the atheist.

Father Jonathan Morris should be ashamed of himself. If he was truly interested in the welfare of our men and women in arms, and truly sworn to uphold the United States Constitution – all of it – then he would welcome anyone of any faith or no faith who wanted to join the chaplaincy and help serve the social, spiritual, moral and psychological needs of those who serve our country. Father Morris doesn't understand the true meaning of service.

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Christian Apologist: Skepticism Caused by Hurt from Church

Christian apologists just can't stand the idea that we skeptics actually have good reasons to not believe their mythology. To them, Christian theology is so obviously true that anyone who doesn't believe must have some other reason. If someone is a non-believer, then they must have been beaten by a nun, molested by a priest, shunned for homosexuality, or hurt in some other dastardly fashion by a Christian or by the church.

It just can't be, they say, that someone actually rejects Christianity itself.

The latest salvo of this nature comes from Christian apologist and author Dr. Alex McFarland, whose new book, 10 Answers for Skeptics, purports to have statistics showing that most skeptics were driven away from their faith by bad experiences. In an interview with the Christian Post, McFarland said,
"Through nearly a year of research and numerous personal interviews, my goal was to really get 'inside the mind of the skeptic.' The most common type of skeptics I meet are wounded skeptics. They have been hurt by church, religion, or by another Christian."
The problem with Dr. McFarland's statement is that like so much of Christian apologetics, it uses flawed logic. McFarland makes the reader think that bad experiences caused the skepticism. More importantly, McFarland seems to think that if you can cure the hurt and heal the damage, the ex-Christian skeptics will all come flooding back to their former faith.

McFarland is implying that skeptics are really Christians in their hearts, and it's only the hurt and their pride that have separated them from God.

This is completely wrong.

These ex-Christian skeptics have had their eyes opened. The hurt they suffered gave them a wonderful opportunity to objectively question Christian dogma and mythology. At the same time, it allowed them to consider other philosophies and religions ... and even atheism. They looked at all the injustice, pain, starvation and disease around the world, and realized that the loving Christian God couldn't possibly be real. They looked afresh at the inconsistencies in the Bible, the immorality of a God who commits genocide, infanticide and many other crimes. The old adage, "God works in mysterious ways" suddenly seemed cheap and shallow. And they looked at their own lives and realized that bad stuff happens to good people all the time for no apparent reason. What sort of almighty, loving God would allow that?

McFarland is right that hurt by a fellow Christian or the church drives people away from Christianity. The key point he's missing is that once free of Christianity's bonds, people are drawn toward skepticism and atheism by the forces of reason, facts and morality. And once a person's eyes are opened to the wonders of reason and science, there's no going back.

The Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) rely on ignorance. They've even developed a pair of synergistic, powerful memes that are a defense against inquisitiveness and thought. I call them the Ignorance is Bliss and Anti-Rationalism memes. The Ignorance is Bliss meme tells believers that everything you need to know is in the Bible, the meek shall inherit the Earth, and that anything (like science) that contradicts the Bible is Satan's work. The Anti-Rationalism meme tells believers that faith is always more powerful than reason. This is the official position of the Roman Catholic Church: no matter what science and reason tell you, faith that you feel in your heart is more important.

I've met many skeptics in my life, particularly since the publication of The Religion Virus, and I can tell you that McFarland is simply wrong. Yes, it's true that many skeptics are former Christians. And many are "wounded" as McFarland says. But I've never met one who was being held back from Christianity by their "wounds." To the last one, they saw the hurtful experience as an opportunity.

They weren't driven from their faith. They were pulled by the truth of reason and science into skepticism and atheism.

And that is what McFarland should really be worried about. He should be looking at the mythology itself. He needs to see why it's so easy to leave Christianity behind once the chains of blind faith are broken.

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Finding a Good Anti-virus Software

You made the right choice to protect your computer system from viruses, but do not know which product you want to buy? following are some things to look for, in roughly this order, when assessing a new Anti-Virus software:
  • You should see if the new version of the product is certified NCSA / ICSA. To this certification a product must detect 100% of viruses in the wild, and at least 90% of all other viruses.
  • You should check with all testing laboratories such as Virus Bulletin, and the unity of viruses. During the test may be somewhat outdated, they can provide valuable information about products that are good and which do not.
  • Try to find a shareware / demo program on the provider's website, you can try a free copy of this software.

Optionally, You can see whether the product supports integrity checking programs so that you can determine whether the programs were a new, yet undiscovered viruses and real-time monitoring system changed, to see whether Macor program or try other programs or modify documents. This can not in all environments (such as computers, used by software developers), because of the strong possibility of false alarms appropriately.

Finally, you should make sure that you feel comfortable with the program interface. After all, if the program difficult to use and update, use and update much less often than you should, and therefore a higher risk of infection ...

Now that we've covered how to find the right software, it is also the problem of bad software out there. Bad software, also known as "snake oil" is known worse than you think, because the user a false sense of security.

Some signs indicate that a particular piece of software is snake oil, you can:
  • Affirms that the software is 100% of existing viruses. Since there are more than 20 000 different tribes (and it is a conservative estimate!) Are a great achievement is to be able to recognize them all.
  • Claims that the product will never be updated. No matter how good a product might be, there is always a way around this, as history has shown, where virus writers and anti-virus in competition with each other in a sort of cat and mouse.
  • Endorsements from people such as journalists who do not have sufficient creditentials in the field of computer virus.
  • Confusing terminology and key words. If you are a bit clued about the virus, and you see the strange terminology by the seller in the description of a product is used, they may try to deceive the average layperson. (Example: with "piggyback" instead of "fast infector")

thoughts on metasploit's impact

i listened to the network security podcast #257 this afternoon, specifically because i wanted to hear what martin mckeay, josh corman, and hd moore had to say about metasploit and what josh corman calls HD Moore's Law. there were a lot of mentions of PCI and being 'this tall to ride the internet', but the comment that really caught my ear (i was listening to it rather than reading it after all) was that metasploit allows people to test their security against the attacks that are readily available.

and then a voice in the back of my head said "yeah, but metasploit is what makes those attacks readily available". it's essentially equivalent to saying that the readily available attacks allow people to test their security against the readily available attacks - i believe the way the internet identifies such tautologies these days is by saying "obvious statement is obvious".

one of the interesting things josh corman brought to the conversation was a breakdown of adversary classes (i encourage you to read his post that i linked to above, not only for that breakdown but also a visualization of their relative success rates against a scale of defender strengths) and it occurs to me that, in the absence of metasploit, these so-called readily available attacks that are in the hands of the casual attacker wouldn't generally be in the hands of the casual attacker (and thus wouldn't be the readily available attacks) but rather in the hands of adversaries of a higher calibre.

one thing that isn't really mentioned but seems fairly obvious is that the higher up you go on the scale of adversary classes, the smaller the population will be (the more skills one has the rarer one becomes) and consequently the smaller the aggregate pool of practical targets will be (since there's a limit to what any one given person can pull off in a given period of time, the manpower available to an attacker is a finite resource). that means that in the absence of metasploit, these attacks would be directly impacting fewer systems - probably more important systems, but fewer systems in total.

now before i go any further, lets address an assumption i've made. i think it's an obvious one. you've probably had it on the tip of your tongue for at least the past two paragraphs. the assumption is that in the absence of metasploit nothing else would pop up to take it's place. for my purposes, that's actually not so much an assumption as it is an ideal starting point or degenerate case from which to build a more complex model.

so let's say that another group of well-meaning researchers decided to pick up the gauntlet. i see no intrinsic difference between that hypothetical case and the actual case we have with metasploit right now. that makes it really not that interesting an alternative, because it's not really alternative in any meaningful sense. the more interesting alternative lies in the argument that if the good guys didn't do it, if they were all too principled (for lack of a better word) to follow that path, then the bad guys certainly would.

so in that case let's say a group of ne'er do wells decided to produce a similar tool. would it be the same? would it have the same properties and present the same problems? i would argue that it wouldn't - that the incentives in the underground community are different enough that what would be produced either would not be free (and therefore not available to all casual adversaries) or it would not be as capable as metasploit would have been (perhaps because the best exploits would get held back in order to give the developers a competitive or strategic advantage over the attackers they're helping for free). the motive of doing it for the benefit of everyone (that drives the excellence found in the free edition of metasploit) simply isn't compatible with financially motivated cybercrime. greed and selflessness don't mix, so a criminal-driven equivalent to metasploit wouldn't lower the bar as far as metasploit does.

so what am i trying to say? what am i really getting at with all of this? the TL;DR version is that the metasploit folks are too nice to people, including the bad guys. the notion that metasploit represents the attacks that are readily available suggests to me that they lower the bar too much. no one seems to disagree that metasploit is a tool that is used by script kiddies (among others) and so i'm left to wonder very seriously whether there's an actual legitimate use case for metasploit that involves such a completely unskilled user. leave no user behind? i think under the circumstances an exception deserves to be made.

Eset Nod32 Smart Security 5 Username and Password 02/11/2011

Nod32 Username: TRIAL-54451138
Password: dm8cn42hpu
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54451154
Password: cjchk4tnh4
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54451161
Serial Keys: mvsh36s74f
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54384372
Password: 675dks3xpn
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54384394
Password: 4bee24tfbt
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54384342
Password: n4spp2bdx2
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54384355
Password: p2fntjufbh
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54384226
Password: 5fakpmbxs8
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54384269
Password: cunkpjk3ba
For versions: ESS / EAV

Eset Username: TRIAL-54384323
Password: hfpmx75h5x
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: TRIAL-54377924
Password: nejk8svj3k
For versions: ESS / EAV

claves nod32: EAV-53608056
Password: 7cescfejeb
For versions: EAV
Valid until :2012 -05-04

Username: EAV-53689020
Password: ca275nj2nh
For versions: EAV
Valid until :2012 -05-04

Username: EAV-53211115
llaves del : 6hkf7d6dk6
For versions: EAV
Valid until :2012 -05-04

Obama: Leave God in Pledge and on Money

"Under God" is going to stay in the Pledge of Allegiance for a while.

Last month a petition to President Obama to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance was signed by over 20,000 American citizens. It's clear that this is a minority opinion in America, but protecting minorities is what the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights is all about.

Now the White House has made the administration's position clear: God should stay in our Pledge and on our currency. I know for a fact that regardless of the President's feelings about separation of church and state, he'd be committing political suicide to endorse anything that took God out of our government. That's just politics.

The heart of the White House response is this:
"A sense of proportion should also guide those who police the boundaries between church and state. Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation - context matters.

That’s why President Obama supports the use of the words “under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance and “In God we Trust” on our currency.
So, we have to look at this petition as just one more step on a long road.

Below is the whole text the email I received from the White House.

Religion in the Public Square

By Joshua DuBois, Executive Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Thank you for signing the petition “Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase ‘Under God.’” We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on

The separation of church and state outlined in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is an important founding principle of our nation. Our nation’s Bill of Rights guarantees not only that the government cannot establish an official religion, but also guarantees citizens’ rights to practice the religion of their choosing or no religion at all.

Throughout our history, people of all faiths – as well as secular Americans – have played an important role in public life. And a robust dialogue about the role of religion in public life is an important part of our public discourse.

While the President strongly supports every American’s right to religious freedom and the separation of church and state, that does not mean there’s no role for religion in the public square.

When he was a Senator from Illinois, President Obama gave a keynote address at the Call to Renewal conference where he spoke about the important role religion plays in politics and in public life.

A sense of proportion should also guide those who police the boundaries between church and state. Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation - context matters.

That’s why President Obama supports the use of the words “under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance and “In God we Trust” on our currency. These phrases represent the important role religion plays in American public life, while we continue to recognize and protect the rights of secular Americans. As the President said in his inaugural address, “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers.” We’re proud of that heritage, and the strength it brings to our great country.