AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011

AVG has outdone themselves this time. Together with the new AVG anti-virus 2011 edition it can be packed with new attributes and they nonetheless provide thier core protection for free!They give several elements to shield your personal computer method. The components listed below are accessible within the no cost edition.

Anti-Virus component detects viruses, worms, trojans, and undesirable executable files inside of your technique. As with any anti-virus item it's very critical to keep your anti-virus element up to date to keep maximum amount of protection.

Anti-Spyware component protects your computer from adware, spyware, and all malicious programs. Shielding your personal computer from unwanted ads and software the secretly gathers your personal details. Keep your anti-spyware element up-to-date to keep fully protected.

Scanner element provides comprehensive protection whilst your search and surf the world wide web. Within the linkscanner are two functions surf-shield and search-shield that protects your laptop or computer method from web-based attacks. At present linkscanner works with both Web Explorer and Firefox browsers to give you the capacity to produce an informed selection of which websites you select to pay a visit to.

Resident shield element scans files as they may be copied, opened, saved, and if a threat is discovered it forbids its activation. The resident shield also offers crucial protection for the technique region of one's pc program.

E-mail Scanner checks incoming and outgoing email by utilizing plug-ins intended for many e-mail programs (ex. outlook, mozilla thunderbird, and so forth). The current plug-ins assistance e-mail clients making use of POP3/SMTP or IMAP connections. If a threat is found it can be moved to the virus vault.

Anti-Rootkit element scans for risky rootkits hidden inside applications, drivers, and/or dll libraries.

A root-kit is a collection of malicious application that enables attackers to acquire administrative-level access to a laptop or computer technique and possisble an whole network.

Pc analyzer scans your computer system after which reports errors that are effecting the systems efficiency. Utilities might be downloaded for a single no cost use or may be purchased for 12 months of unlimited use.

Identity Protection is usually protecting your digital assests against new and unknown threats. This protection monitors the way programs behave on your pc method automatically blocking any activity that could lead to ID theft.

Also consists of an update manager to maintain you pc system up-to-date to preserve maximum protection in today's computing planet.

Becoming the world's most downloaded free security computer software millions of men and women around the globe are employing thier AVG free-edition 2011 for simple on the internet protection.

No matter whether it is surfing the web, undertaking internet searches, or maintaining up with close friends and family members in your preferred social networking site. AVG Anti-Virus 2011 No cost Edition has got you covered.