GFI LANguard 2011

GFI acts as your own virtual security consultant, offering a comprehensive overview of the state of network security through vulnerability assessment, patch management and network and software audits.
Among the new features in this version: 
  1. Computer-oriented overview first drilling down information from sensors in the network security level of each test result.
  2. Agent technology quickly scans through load balancing, security, reduced network bandwidth and improved scanning accuracy.
  3. Review reports of high-performance, computer-oriented, customizable reports.
  4. Network security history manage your environment by analyzing changes rather than reading long reports.
  5. Integration with 1500 + in order to identify safety and security applications critical audit to redevelop.
  6. Text search to quickly scan results for each scanned computer. The research results will be structured and hyperlinks allow a thorough analysis of data.
  7. Sanitation Centre revised fix vulnerabilities in a central location. Monitor the status of the restoration of jobs and some of the history of all jobs carried out renovation.
  8. Integration into existing network infrastructure.
  9. Improved scan the ports of information on the process listening on open ports.
  10. Custom software / scripts use improvements for supporting auxiliary / configuration files.
  11. Improved support for virtual infrastructures.
  12. Network Discovery is not bound to restrictions of the license.
Known Issues
Here is a list of questions that may arise during the beta. These issues will be addressed in beta2.
  • Based on first scan SSH (Linux) is disabled.
  • Import settings and the results of the analysis of LANguard 9.x is partially disabled.
  • Occasional memory usage spikes may lead to application crash on some computers.
  • Integrated Remote Desktop Connections on non-start.
  • Enable Remote Desktop on computers running the Remote Registry service is stopped does not work.
  • Activity Monitor security scans correctly with this self-remediation for scans that do not collect information patch was conducted.