BitDefender VS Panda

Two of the best-known, best-selling antivirus applications these days are BitDefender and Panda. Both are made by well-established firms, each include great reputations as solid antivirus programs. The question is, if you are comparing BitDefender vs Panda for the desires, is 1 better than the other, or have you been much better off picking another A/V application altogether. Study on to compare:BitDefender Antivirus vs. Panda Antivirus.

Which Has the most beneficial Real-time Protection?
BitDefender Panda Real-time protection automatically scans emails, files, and internet pages by default. Tests show BitDefender has a 96% success rate in blocking incoming viruses and malware attacks. An excellent score taking into consideration no antivirus may be 100% correct. General, BitDefender's antivirus has solid, real-time protection even with a small percentage obtaining via. Panda's real-time protection is thorough, but a could be a bit sluggish. Net activity, emails, and file usage are all scanned in real-time. Testing showed Panda antivirus to accomplish much far better than previous versions of this software. Whilst no antivirus application is ever 100% correct, Panda can nevertheless hold it's own in real-time antivirus protection. Result: Winner BitDefender While both BitDefender and Panda do an equally good job at virus protection, BitDefender did slightly greater in tests.

That is Most Powerful Against Spyware?
BitDefender Panda The active, real-time protection enabled by BitDefender also prevents spyware at a high percentage rate. The most current spyware definitions are downloaded at hourly intervals to defend you Pc. Testing showed BitDefender to be equally potent against spyware. Panda's antispyware feature is enabled by default and is equally effective against spyware because it is against viruses. Antispyware definitions are downloaded frequently to help keep your Computer up to date with the newest protection. Testing showed Panda's antispyware component to be just as efficient as its antivirus characteristic. Outcome: Tie Each BitDefender and Panda are equally powerful against spyware.

Which Has the Lowest Resource Usage?
BitDefender Panda BitDefender's resource usage ranges from typical to excellent. For the duration of manual scanning, BitDefender employed only slightly far more memory than Panda. BitDefender used slightly much less CPU throughout a scan than Panda did. When real-time protection was active, BitDefender did much better than Panda by a modest margin. Panda ranks average in terms of general resource usage. Panda came in just under BitDefender in the course of a manual scan. The CPU percentage was a bit increased than BitDefender for the duration of a scan. In the course of real-time protection, Panda came in just underneath BitDefender. General, it seems to be sluggish performance when in comparison with other antivirus applications. Result: Winner BitDefender BitDefender makes use of an regular level of Computer resources, but still did better than Panda taking into consideration Panda's sometimes sluggish behavior.

Which Has the most beneficial User Interface?
BitDefender Panda The user interface for BitDefender is straightforward to use and simple to navigate. Every section is offered in tabbed navigation rather of all on one page. The user will should do some browsing so that you can locate which alternatives to adjust, nevertheless. Nonetheless, BitDefender provides a clean, effortless UI. You can find too numerous possibilities and too many pop-up screens in Panda antivirus this year. The initial screens are simply and easy to navigate, but when you start finding into the detailed settings, you can find numerous pop-up screens with sub-menus that make for an intricate interface. For advanced users, this degree of detail will likely be no problem, but for the common user, there ought to be ways of making this data obtainable in a easier format. Result: Winner BitDefender BitDefender's UI is significantly easier when in comparison with Panda's. BitDefender has its shortcomings but is undoubtedly preferable to Panda in our book.

Which Has the most beneficial Client Support?
BitDefender Panda Chat, e-mail, and understanding base are all offered from BitDefender's consumer assistance. Phone support is also offered. Regrettably, they make the telephone help extremely hard to make use of. There have been numerous complaints about BitDefender's poor telephone help. While it's free, you'll have to click up to 12 hyperlinks just to seek out the correct amount. (Truly.) Then you will be essential to develop an account simply to ask your question. In our opinion, there are way too numerous roadblocks to BitDefender's free telephone help. Panda provides the usual consumer help pages such as: FAQs, knowledge base, and e mail support. They give mobile phone support too, but it's not specifically free of charge. Panda only gives cellphone support to users that have more than one particular license. This does not sit effectively with us since most users are only one-license users. Outcome: Tie BitDefender's telephone assistance is free of charge, but tough to get to. Panda's telephone support demands you might have more than a single license, but is technically free right after that. No clear winner in this round.

That is Easiest to Install?
BitDefender Panda The BitDefender install is comparatively fast and simple. A common installation wizard prompts you for some fundamental concerns, then completes the install with no actual issues. Pc resource usage is minimal, and virus and malware definitions are updated quickly. There were no significant issues using the Panda antivirus installation. A basic installation wizard is presented, then the install will run and full with out any problems. No heavy resources usage to report, and virus definitions will likely be updated soon after install. Result: Tie Both BitDefender and Panda presented no installation troubles.

Which Has the most beneficial E-mail Virus Protection?
BitDefender Panda The e mail antivirus protection in BitDefender isn't enabled by default. This really is unfortunate. The user will should go into the Advanced View characteristic to allow it. It is unclear why BitDefender chose to create this characteristic inactive by default thinking about the high degree of viruses becoming transmitted through email. The moment activated, however, BitDefender does a good job at scanning and protecting incoming and outgoing emails. Real-time e mail scanning was common for Panda antivirus this year. Testing showed Panda to complete an sufficient job at scanning emails before they hit your inbox. They've got the right idea, they just need to beef up this feature to be more potent. Outcome: Tie BitDefender didn't allow e-mail scanning by default, but did a great job once they did. Panda is slower but does a decent job. We rate it a tie.

What's the very best Antivirus Computer software?
BitDefender Panda BitDefender Antivirus wasn't our "best antivirus software" option this year, but they came in first in 2008 for great reason. The antivirus and antispyware features are prime notch. Our only true concerns are the difficult-to-find cellphone help and initially disabled e-mail protection. Nevertheless, we nevertheless advocate BitDefender as an option to most antivirus applications, and it nonetheless shapes up much better than Panda this year. Panda Antivirus Pro has lots going for it this year, especially taking into consideration their less than stellar versions of past years. The resource usage is average to great (although a little sluggish from time to time), the mobile phone support could be considerably better, as well as the user interface could use some re-design. But general, Panda's still a viable alternative for decent Pc antivirus protection. Outcome: Winner BitDefender BitDefender is less costly, slightly better on resource usage, and overall a solid antivirus application. Panda has its strengths, but basically couldn't beat BitDefender .