Truth has a Liberal Bias!

Those damned college professors! They're always teaching the facts! And everyone knows that Truth has a liberal bias. Well, these students aren't taking it lying down:
Conservative College Students Launch Website to Battle Liberal Academia
What courage! Real conservatives, standing up to those liberal professors ... but wait ...

Alas, it turns out these students aren't really concerned about conservative politics. They're Christians, and they're angry that the professors don't respect their beliefs, which probably include creationism, suppression of homosexuality, and the subjugation of women. According to Editor-in-Chief Zachary Freeman:
"I think perhaps we (as a nation) have lost our faith and our understanding. The College Conservative works to indirectly promote the biblical truths."
In other words, they want the school to "respect" them by not teaching real biology, botany, physical anthropology, evolution, geology, physics, psychology, and probably even world history. They want watered-down cultural anthropology and sociology, and they probably don't want philosophy at all, unless it's from C.S. Lewis' books.

I have some news for you, Mr. Freeman: the Bible is not a good source of truth!