Fake Antivirus Scams and Android Users

Fake anti-virus, or "scareware" scams are in practices, the crooks will be used to make illegal profits in recent years. The scam often offer convincing replicas of legitimate anti-malware software for users in the installation of malicious software to steal confidential information or to encrypt the hard drives and extort money from the owner of the data to decrypt deceive.

Windows systems have been the prime target for scam scareware. But now, with the use of explosives of the mobile device, said Denis Maslennikov Kaspersky Lab researcher that online fraudsters have started for users of mobile devices with Android offers similar viruses and false fake anti-virus software. Write on the blog SecureList Maslennikov said that Web search turns to popular mobile applications, such as the mobile version of Opera Web browser, are fraudulent sites offer "free" for viruses from devices phones, including Android.

As scareware scam for users of Microsoft Windows, the results are predictable free scans.

"Both parties argue that the user device may be infected, and someone verify access to personal data and then ask the user to the device for malware."

A scan of the camera returns hard-coded "positive" results and encourages the user to the mobile device to "activate" the protection of the safety of the device by clicking on a link in the scan results. Click here to download and install a malicious application that Kaspersky detects Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Scavir for Android.

Attacks against mobile devices are becoming more common as users shift their preferences from desktops and laptops, mobile phones and tablets.