The Cleaner 2012

The Cleaner is a system of programs designed to keep computer and data safe from Trojans / Keyloggers/ Worms/ Spyware and all kinds of malware. By actively monitoring files and processes on pc, it can find a virus in action and grab it before a chance to get to do damage to valuable data. If you come to on the Internet or send and receive e-mails can you afford not to be without The Cleaner! The Cleaner detection system will take care of business so that you do not have to - No more e-mails you open, or programs that you run worries!

The Cleaner protects your system ... The Cleaner scans HDD and cleans it of all known Trojans. With a unique, patent-pending technology, The Cleaner compares every file with a list of all known Trojans. You can scan entire computer or just a file. The software can also periodically update your Trojan database file to the latest research to keep abreast.

The Cleaner Pro includes background scanning of all activity in memory, a rapid, redesigned scan engine (about 100 files per second) and a latest, difficult process of fingerprinting of Troy, scanning inside compressed archives, and a completely redesigned user interface (GUI). Objective tests have shown that the cleaner blows the competition, both in speed of scans and the number of Trojans found.

Features: Monitor registry, Malware Protection, Active Scanning, Live Updates,  Scheduler, Stealth Mode, Quarantine Manager, test file from the command line, notification e-mail, Admin Message , File Submission during the program, Alerts, Active Scanner Ignore List, Encrypted Configuration Data Scan, TCMonitor blacklist TCMonitor Editor, Expanded Scan Information, Pause / Resume, Enhanced Fonts In TCActive.

What's new in The Cleaner 2012
MooNet you can share information about the detected malware on your computer.

Faster search
We did not know that it was possible, but The Cleaner 2012 is even faster than before!

Advanced / Basic View
Looking overwhelmed by all the features of The Cleaner 2012? Just to jump on the base!

Simplified configuration
Many important configuration options are supported at the front.

We have included useful tools to manage and protect your system.

Feature of Directors
The Cleaner 2012, e-mail about the threats that make it easier for large systems to manage.

New Look
There is a new look that hopefully easier on the eyes!

New TCActive!
TCActive! has been rewritten. It is now faster, less resource intensive and can MooNet particiipate.

New Command-Line Scanner
The command-line scanner has been updated.

Improved documentation
We have listened and improved our documentation!