Norman Malware Cleaner 2.02.01

Norman Malware Cleaner is a powerful anti-virus that scans your PC recognizes after the start, and removes different kinds of malware from your computer. The program may terminate the application process removes infected it erases the memory, registry and hard drive of the host file permissions of Windows brendmauera.
Can the system clean of viruses and worms: Agent, Bagle, Blaster, Dloader, Dumaru, JS / Feebs, Klein, Lovgate, Member, Mydoom, Mytob, Netsky, NaviPromo, NewDotNet, Reno, Sasser, Sdbot, Sircam, Sober small AI., Sobig, SpyAxe, Spybot, Spywad, StartPage, Swen, Yaha, Zafi, Zlob, Zotob and others.

Norman Malware Cleaner is able to:
* Recognize the application, remove it from memory;
* Erase the infected files from a HDD (including ActiveX components and BHO);
* Detect and delete rootkits;
* Restore the correct values ​​in the registry;
* Clean the host file;
* Clean and remove rules to Windows Firewall.

Norman Malware Cleaner is a Norman program utility that can detect and remove specific malicious software (malware) can be. Note that there will not be used as a substitute for normal proactive antivirus protection, but rather as a reactive tool to handle systems that are already infected.

By downloading and running the program, it will clean an infected system completely:

* Kill running processes that are infected
* Remove infections from disk (including ActiveX components and Browser Helper Objects)
* To find and remove rootkits
* Restore correct registry values
* Remove references created by malware in hosts file
* Remove windows firewall rules for malicious programs

To significantly improve the scanning speed, follow these steps:

Start the cleaner
Click option
Disable "unpacking archives"
Click OK