Dr.Web Anti-Virus for Workstations

Dr.Web ® Anti-Virus for Workstations provides a strong and reliable anti-virus protection for PC. If run with default settings, Dr.Web ® automatically checks all possibilities of the viral intrusion, blocks and reports malicious behavior. The user may entrust Dr.Web ® to automatically remove any detected viruses, worms, Trojan horses, so keep the PC in the cleanest state.

Dr.Web for Windows ® on-demand scanner is capable of well cut all types of infections and cleaning the system without scanning all HDDs. No additional tools need for the system registry or the Startup folder clean - just run Dr.Web ® Anti-Virus for Workstations and it will do all the work. Run the scanner's unique ability to test the system memory, detecting the latest Trojan and backdoor programs in the background, which are untraceable by ordinary means, it is a powerful weapon against any intrusion of memory non-traditional. Dr.Web ® Anti-Virus is the only one capable of detecting and disinfecting the so-called 'bodiless' worms such as Code Red and Slammer. in the mean time, the user can select a specific object to scan - from entire hard disk to a single file on a local or network drive.

In addition to demand scanner Dr.Web ® Anti-Virus for Workstations is fixed with two other powerful anti-virus components. This tool is real-time protection SpIDer Guard access to monitor and Spider-mail POP3 traffic analysis.

SpIDer Guard intercepts every unauthorized attempt to access files and hard drive system areas and performs real-time to check each object trying to penetrate the local file system. Upon detection of a virus or other malware, Spider Guard prevents any access to the file so that no harmful activity, until the user selects the appropriate measures or their care SpIDer Guard occurs (if set to automatic mode.) By integrating this deep access anti-virus technology into the operating system, the real-time monitoring of any other application that SpIDer Guard is different from many other anti-virus products are completed.

SpIDer Guard can be configured to scan all in automatic mode without user intervention. It automatically scans all attachments from incoming emails, so that when the infected file from the Internet or other communication channel is received, the virus is detected immediately, before it delivers its load destructive to the computer.

SpIDer Guard supports a special mode. In this mode, no virus activity so that any attempt by viruses, worms and trojans (including unknown and unseen by the heuristic analysis) to detect infected objects on the computer hard drives intercepted and neutralized.

SpIDer Mail is a Windows-based application that receives all incoming mail from POP3 mail scanner. Developers have implemented SpIDer Mail a universal technology of this product, so users of any mail client, e-mail via the POP3 protocol to check incoming messages from the servers before they are processed by the mail client. If malicious code is injected into the mail message, the message of Spider-mail being intercepted and cause no damage to the recipient's system, regardless of the e-mail program is used for sending. Depending on the settings, purging SpIDer Mail message incoming e-mail, or move them to a special folder for future treatment.