Protect your computer from virus

In the world today just about everyone makes use of a computer. Whether it's a desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet or just a smartphone. Computers are being used in pretty much every business and industry. No matter where you are working you could find a computer within reach. Our computers store our digital data and important documents this will help to save massive amount paperwork while doing so you can get any file you require instantly. There is additionally a threat that lurks in the digital age threatening your important documents.

The threat
We are mentioning is a Computer Virus. Most people will know about a virus if not subject to it directly you must have heard horror stories of viruses rendering computers useless. But can it be really true or are most exaggerated urban stories?It is facta computer virus is truly a major threat to computers. Viruses do not simply affect one computer they replicate and infect other users through networks. It is just like an epidemic outbreak that affects countless users worldwide.At some point these viruses are getting to be more dangerous and lethal. Earlier viruses infected computers and were more of a mischief being played by some computer programmer called crackers. These days’ viruses are produced specially to concentrate on government websites and computers. They steal top secret sensitive information and misuse it. We have seen viruses which has been developed to infect computers found in Nuclear reactor sites. Nuclear reactors around world happen to be safe as a consequence of powerful computers monitoring the reactors and shutting them off thus preventing a nuclear disaster. But if a virus attacks these computers and sabotages the reactors it can be worse than any nuclear nightmare.

On individual level
there are actually not many individuals who avoid the use of social networking nowadays. We all love our Facebook, twitter and blogs. But a virus could hijack your accounts and post embarrassing and even damage your relationship with individuals. Files that you have got password protected and believe may not be available to anybody else could possibly be hacked into and posted for everyone to view.And that's why a Security shield virus is what every computer needs. A security shield against virus works in real time and monitors incoming connections to your computer. If some suspicious info is transported to your computer a red flag is raised instantly. It also monitors the websites you visit which will help prevent malware from being installed discretely on your hard disk.At the time you check your email the security shield scans the attachments before you open them and warn you once they find an executable file that will infect your computer.
this will simply work if the security shield is perfectly up to date. But you will need not worry since they are programmed to auto update and you need to not interrupt it when it is updating.
So protect your data and computer purchase or download a Security shield virus right after you finish reading this.