How an antivirus can help

An antivirus has become the most important software on a computer second to only the operating system itself. I am unable to stress enough the need for every computer no matter being linked to the internet or otherwise not to have an antivirus installed and activated. People believe that whenever they tend not to connect to cyberspace they will not need an antivirus or that in a very private secure corporate network they will not want one. There are other ways for a virus to get into your personal computer other than the internet. A flash drive maybe a program installed can introduce a virus to your personal machine. It is therefore a myth which you would not require an antivirus.

Another common mistake that consumers make
is often to not update their antivirus regularly. Most antivirus companies have realized this thereby programmed it to automatically update. But if you have a firewall or any other program blocking the antivirus from updating it defeats the purpose. Quite a few users also stop the program from updating to free up bandwidth. An antivirus which isn't updated can be as good as no antivirus whatsoever. The reason why I say it is because every day there may be somebody somewhere creating a new malicious code just for fun or to cause major damage. If the database is not really updated to tackle these new viruses they would pass as a harmless program and wreak damage to your computer.
There are some people who believe more is better. They install more than one antivirus software on their computer. This is really not recommended because all the antivirus software would conflict with the other and then leave a loophole for viruses to take advantage of. There could also be occasions when one antivirus views the files essential for other as a malicious code and delete them rendering one other antivirus useless.
There are lots of antiviruses available in the market and most new computers have an antivirus software pre-installed onto it as a free trial. After which you can you would need to renew your subscription or run a version of the software that may be basic and has less features. Anti-viruses commonly are not expensive at all you could purchase a license key for few dollars and you would receive extra features unavailable on the trial versions.
But when you would like not to spend on an antivirus program there are several free antivirus programs about and they are effective against virus too.
So remember protect
your personal computer with an updated antivirus and stay safe.