FeSOUP v4.1.3 Build 2 GetLinkVN Dedicated Edition beta MF|RS|MU Folder Extractor, MF Download Assistant, Clipboard Filter and MediaFire Downloader plus more...24/12/2011

FESOUP Mediafire Auto Downloader FESOUP v3.8.0.3 Beta - MFFE [MediaFire Downloader & Folder Extractor] MU, HF, UP and Images linksMediafire.com, one of the best free file hosting website that has become popular because it is high speed and no policy to restrict downloads offered free to users. download managers Unofficial mediafire are available that makes it much easier for users to download software files.These are primarily used to automate and accelerate downloads from mediafire. One such tool is MFFE [MediaFire Folder Extractor &Downloader].
MFFE [MediaFire Downloader & Folder Extractor] Latest Update available is MFFE FESOUP v4.1.3 Build 2

This is a small utility to extract mediafire down load links from a mediafire folder link.
- Another function of FESOUP is to re-generate mediafire direct link and send to IDM, Flashget
- FESOUP also supports clipboard link-grab.
Currently MFFE can extract links of these belows:
Mdiafire, megaupload, hotfile, uploading, fileServe and Images [BMP|JPG|PNG]

 FeSOUP v4.1.3 Build 2 GetLinkVN Dedicated Edition  beta MF RS MU Folder Extractor, MF Download Assistant, Clipboard Filter and MediaFire Downloader plus more
FESOUP v4.1.3 Build 2 | Size:  7.6 MB
Changes in FESOUP v4.1.3.2 / – 24/12/2011
* Fixed: FESOUPLinksCopier(); – marks moved to the end of the list
- Removed: Fetch menuitem
* Fixed: Lite Mode – MF Download(); – MF code changed
+ Added: Getlinkvn – ISP auto detection
* Fixed: START button enabled after MF links extraction in non-lite mode
+ Added: AutoLogin(); – you just need to enter login address & password just once
* Fixed: Remember me now works
* Fixed: Account login; – server address added, new method
* Fixed: Addlink(); – https links supported
+ Added: Account tab: expand/collapse button for boxes
+ Added: Some options to be saved to settings file; – Lite Mode, account remember, chose ISP, etc.
* Fixed: Status bug fixed; – fails to display when application resizes
* Fixed: MF free download function now available only in Lite mode of FESOUP
- If you do not have an account from getlink.vn, tick Use FESOUP Lite
- FESOUP’s Lite mode has same functionalities with previous versions, just not being default enabled
+ Added: Getlink.vn premium account support
- Login and view account info (same as logging in via web browser)
- Download via getlink.vn servers (for list of currently supported hosts, please visit getlink.vn)
* Fixed: FormClose(); – settings not save bug fixed
* Fixed: Interface rearranged

This download manager automatically fetches the direct links from mediafire and then uses IDM [Download full speed Internet download manager] to download files. In my case, IDM provides the best transfer rates when compared to other downloader's, so this MFFE + IDM combination is very effective.
Size: 7.6 MB
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