FeSOUP-GetLinkVN Dedicated Edition v4.1.2.4 beta MF|RS|MU Folder Extractor, MF Download Assistant, Clipboard Filter and MediaFire Downloader plus more...

FESOUP Mediafire Auto Downloader FESOUP v3.8.0.3 Beta - MFFE [MediaFire Downloader & Folder Extractor] MU, HF, UP and Images linksMediafire.com, one of the best free file hosting website that has become popular because it is high speed and no policy to restrict downloads offered free to users. download managers Unofficial mediafire are available that makes it much easier for users to download software files.These are primarily used to automate and accelerate downloads from mediafire. One such tool is MFFE [MediaFire Folder Extractor &Downloader].
MFFE [MediaFire Downloader & Folder Extractor] Latest Update available is MFFE FESOUP v4.1.2.4

This is a small utility to extract mediafire down load links from a mediafire folder link.
- Another function of FESOUP is to re-generate mediafire direct link and send to IDM, Flashget
- FESOUP also supports clipboard link-grab.
Currently MFFE can extract links of these belows:
Mdiafire, megaupload, hotfile, uploading, fileServe and Images [BMP|JPG|PNG]
FeSOUP-getlinkvn dedicated edition v4.1.2.4 beta
FESOUP v4.1.2.4 | Size:  7.6 MB
* Fixed: Download(); – New code
- Things that may not work with new download code:captcha check
+ Added: Redirect Remover; – support adf.ly, zpag.es
* Added: Captcha tray notification
* Fixed: GetFolders(); – in queue check
* Fixed: Timer on/off bug fix – auto reset issue when application loses focus
* Fixed: Captcha check; – auto close form if successfully remove captcha trap
* Fixed: Clipboard Monitor; Auto remove duplicates and sort by Status column
* Fixed: DupRemove(); – Now duplicate remover is fully working, you can
press CTRL+D at anytime without losing currently downloading information
(like file name, status, password etc.)
+ Added: Clipboard Extraction – over 70 new hosts supported -GetlinkVN
* Fixed: Cliboard Monitor – No longer duplicate links that you copy/cut in the list
- Related functions: – CopyLinks(); CutLinks(); SpecialCopy()
* Fixed: Captcha form – 15px bug fixed, system buttons removed
+ Added: A song will be played while captcha is on
+ Added: Option to turn captcha song on/off (under Settings/Downloads)
- Turn it off if you feel like hating the song
- Thanks to ZWT for the very nice song!
- Removed: Fetch button
+ Added: Tools button – separate functions, multifunctionality ready
+ Added: Pages: Main page and Account page (for Getlink.vn) – currently turned off
* Fixed: Interface redesigned
****From this build FESOUP enters into partnership with GETLINK.VN
This download manager automatically fetches the direct links from mediafire and then uses IDM [Download full speed Internet download manager] to download files. In my case, IDM provides the best transfer rates when compared to other downloader's, so this MFFE + IDM combination is very effective.
Size: 7.6 MB
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